‘Exxpedition’ with Rowan Henthorn

Meet Rowan, the 27 year old Manx woman who is part of an all-woman ‘Exxpedition’ to the North Pacific Garbage Patch, which aims to raise awareness of the problem of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Rowan was born and raised on the Isle of Man, and attended Castle Rushen … Continue reading

Teenaged Tycoons!

This BBC video follows four young entrepreneurs: Kate, Annie, Akshay and Henry. These young entrepreneurs are making millions and have some top tips for business! Sisters Kate (17) and Annie (16), run an equine supplement business together to help prevent horses getting stomach ulcers; included in their customer base are … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence and Anxiety

Many people experience anxiety.  Anxiety stems from past experiences, the body knows what to expect such as: restlessness, heightened heart-rate and sweaty palms. For some people this anxiety is so bad that they cannot even function in their current situation, such as being unable to sit an exam. Needless to … Continue reading

How one country persuaded teens to give up drink and drugs

How has Iceland managed to turn its teenage substance abuse around? Iceland had one of the worst teenage drinking and drug problems in Europe during the 80’s and 90’s. By 2017 it had one of the best. This BBC segment gives us an insight into the Icelandic mindset and how … Continue reading

BBC Interview about The Teenage Brain.

Interested in what makes the teenage brain tick? This fascinating BBC Radio gives some interesting insights. Until recently, it was thought that human brain development was all over by early childhood but research in the last decade has shown that the adolescent brain is still changing into early adulthood. Jim … Continue reading

Churchill Travelling Fellowships

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Bursaries. Travel to make a Difference. Manx Youth Opportunities will be pleased to offer help and advice to any young person on the island who wants to apply for a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Bursary. The grants are made to young people from all walks of … Continue reading

MYO Student Natasha McKenzie Sends VSO News From Tajikistan.

Manx Youth Opportunities was delighted to be able to help local teenager Natasha McKenzie join a VSO Voluntary Services Organisation trip to Tajikistan. This journey is turning into an incredible life experience for Natasha as she works with other volunteers to help a local womens’ co-operative venture and an education … Continue reading

MYO Coaching Program Results In Work Experience Placement.

Isle of Man teenager Jasmine Potts has long dreamed of becoming an automotive engineer. Now, with the help of MYO and thanks to a local business, her dream is one step closer. LC Motors – who are based on the West Quay at Ramsay – were so impressed by Jasmine’s … Continue reading

Natasha’s Journey to Tajikistan Supported by Manx Youth Opportunities

“The VSO (http://www.vso.org.uk/) is an amazing charity that sends youths aged 18-25 to many poverty stricken countries, including Africa, Tanzania, Philippines and India. Volunteers work on major projects effecting community groups, such as HIV/AIDS awareness and global warming through to empowering women and preventing women and children sex trafficking. I … Continue reading