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Our Mission

To encourage and support the participation of experienced private individuals and staff members of companies in a mentoring programme, using training provided by MYO to support young people, both in and out of education but not in employment, on an individual or group basis across the Isle of Man.

To provide an internet-based support resource through a website and social media pages for all youth programmes on the Isle of Man, and to engage with young people making them aware of the opportunities extended to them, including pairing and matching them with a relevant long term career mentor.

Assist young people to profit from the opportunities extended to them.

MYO Core Values

  1. Support the Isle of Man’s youth by partnering with government, business and the individual.
  2. Equipping young people to be confident and successful in society and their work.
  3. Provide a high quality mentoring service to young people
  4. Meet the changing needs and desires of young people and business.
  5. Provide support in an ethical manner respecting the individual.

Want to help young people on the Isle of Man, then please become a partner in supporting the Manx Youth.

If you are able to volunteer to provide mentoring at Future You meetings or would like to volunteer to help out at other MYO events please go to our volunteer page.

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